Your Baby’s Day Out

091102_Diaper-BagThis exciting book was developed to keep track of your infant’s day. This book is ideal for newborns to 6 months. While their day is still ever changing, you are able to see their schedule form. There are several detailed sections to keep track of the following: how many diapers, what they ate, fun things they did, and a detailed time table of their day.

This book is 8.5 x 6 in measurement so it fits nicely in diaper bag. The front and the back are laminated to hold up against the toughest of days. There is a page dedicated to each of the following: emergency information, supplies needed, and a page to describe them. There are six months worth of pages, and each month is divided for easy reference.

I found this to be perfect for those monthly checkups at the doctors.
It is a time saver at the end of a busy day. No more long visits with the sitter when you would just like to be with your child. A must have for new parents. Book cover shown below.