I made the paper. See all amout me and other work at home moms!

Amy Voltmer

“I really love it!” It is helpful for when I need to go to the doctor, and also to maintain my sanity! It is nice to know that he doesn’t eat all day long every day. Mostly that he isn’t fussy all day long!!All I have to do is refer back to days that are a little more “even” to remember that I do have a very sweet little baby! Your idea was a good one!

Tina Mallas

“I think this book is great! It would come in handy for parents whose child is in daycare, or for parents who have a regular sitter, or even stay at home moms. The pages of the book contain all the questions I usually ask my childcare provider. Thanks for the great book! I would definitely recommend it to all my friends.

Tonya Walls

“I did receive your book and have enjoyed using it so much. It is a nice way to summarize the day.”

Heather Slater

“This book is really wonderful!! Thank you so much. I will have to tell all my nanny friends about your site, it is perfect. I look forward to filling in little memories of each of my days with my baby.

Diane Morgan

“I love your book, My Big Day! I can record so much stuff! I have recommended it to lots of my friends. This would be an awesome book to have if your child was with a sitter, then you would know what happened with your child’s day.”