My Big Day

3b28ca3f479d061de5325e641aed1152This book allows you to focus more on their developing personalities.

The sections in this book include: naps, meals eaten, and diaper section; as does the first book, but now has more room to track their fun and accomplishments they are especially proud of that day.

This book is targeted for children 6 months and older. By now they have established a schedule and are now working on major milestones. Great way to keep track of a child on the go!

This book is 8.5 x 6 in measurement so it fits nicely in diaper bag or a back pack. The front and the back are laminated to hold up against the toughest of days.There is a page dedicated to each of the following: emergency information, supplies needed, appointment page, place for friends phone numbers and a page to describe them. There are six months worth of pages, and each month is divided for easy reference. Book cover shown below.