My Story & Awards

Thanks for taking time reading my story!

mommyI am a 35 year old mom and wife of over 15 years. My family is the most important thing to me and staying home to take care of them brings me joy each day. This has been my life each day and I love every bits of it.

Before becoming a mom, I worked in the interior design industry for over 8 years. Over 5 years ago, I had my first child. She was the most perfect gift from God. After many discussions, we finally decided that I would continue to work (as I cannot leave my passion yet and we still have to earn money for our child’s future) and she would go to daycare. That was a very hard decision but, I still believe that it made us both stronger people and the bond is still there.

When my son was born 2 years later, now I had to give up my work and choose to stay at home. And, ever since we have been happy. At this stage, I still can hardly say which is better, to continue my career or to stay at home. They are both hard work and underappreciated. So my hat goes off to all working and stay at home moms.

My daughter, now 8, and my son, now 5, are getting to be more active and mature each day passes which makes my life more exciting. They are a special gift and I am blessed to have them. They, along with my husband, have been my inspiration and I thank them and God each day. Remember that even your worst day with a child is still your luckiest. Enjoy them while they are young.

After spending much time with my kids; Hanky Kids was created solely on books that I have used on my children. They were important to me and a helpful tool in seeing their growth and development. My family is my biggest inspiration and support. I believe in the best care for my customers and their satisfaction is important. I can also do some online advices about my interior design passion and I can still apply it in our own home.

I appreciate you stopping by and would love any feedback about the site or parenting. I will update my site with any helpful information. It just keeps getting better and I too is very excited!