7 Top Costs When You Have a Baby and Ways You Can Save On Them


Having and raising a child is not cheap there are however many ways in which you can save money. We have gathered information from reliable sources, moms themselves on this subject. Here are the top seven baby expenses and tips and pointer on how to save money on them.

1. Formula

Average Monthly Cost: $60 – $100

save-costOne mom commented, “If I had known how expensive it would be to buy formula I really would have tried a lot harder to breastfeed”. A mother whose child had an allergy to milk protein and therefore had to purchase a more expensive brand of formula stated the following: “Our monthly costs on formula alone was around one hundred and fifty dollars”. It’s no secret that formula, especially a good brand can be quite pricey.

How can you save?

  • Breastfeed for as long as possible.
    If breastfeeding is not a possibility then use a powdered base formula which is less expensive than the liquid concentrate or ready to use brands.
  • Buy your formula at a warehouse and in bulk.
    Go to a formula manufacturers web page and sign up for coupons which you can use yourself and or trade with other mommies.

2. Disposable Diapers

Average Monthly Cost: $30 – $85

One mom who was shocked at the price of disposable diapers had the following to say: “The price range of disposable diapers depending on where you buy them is shocking, it varies from the superstore, pharmacy, or supermarket”.

How Can You Save?

  • Purchasing cloth diapers which you wash yourself is becoming quite popular again among parents looking to save on their monthly budget. “I found that cloth diapers are actually not only convenient and easy to use, I was surprised by how cute they actually are,” said on mom who managed to save two thousand dollars by switching to cloth diapers.
    If you prefer disposable then buy them at a warehouse or even online and in bulk.
  • Go to a diaper manufacturers web page and sign up for coupons.
  • If you find a diaper sale them make sure you stock up.


Take the time to calculate how much properly taking care of baby for the first year will cost, make sure you include diapers, food, formula, gear, childcare, clothes, etc. Here is a guide that can give you a brief idea:

3. Childcare

Average Monthly Cost: Varies

Childcare costs can vary depending on where you live as well as other factors. One mom stated the following; “In our area babysitting costs around ten dollars an hour and daycare is around one thousand dollars a month, most of the time we feel financially strapped”.

How Can You Save?

  • If you need someone to care for your child full time you should consider a relative or close friend.
    Nanny sharing and home day care centers help save a bundle.
    If you only require occasional childcare consider a trading system with trustworthy friends or neighbors in a similar situation.
  • For occasional car consider hiring a responsible student.
  • Work out adapting yours and your spouse’s work schedules, so you can switch off covering childcare with each other.
  • Find out if your employer offers a childcare expense account if it is flexible consider enrolling.

4. Gear

3b28ca3f479d061de5325e641aed1152Average Monthly Cost: Varies

One overwhelmed mom explained: “Almost everything costs around one hundred dollars, do the math; it adds up”.

How Can You Save?

  • A registry is a great way to get the help of friends and family, especially with the basics which can be quite big. The main things to consider are a good stroller, car seat, bouncy chair, etc. you can wait a bit on other minor things.
  • Before purchasing a swing or activity center let the baby have a go at a friends on and see if they like it before you actually purchase one.
  • A car seat should be bought new, but other things can be bought second hand. Inquire into friends or relatives hand me downs, look over community websites and shop around at secondhand and goodwill stores as well as garage sales.

On this subject, one mother stated the following: “When my child turned a year old I realized that there are probably so many other moms who would be thrilled to sell their baby equipment which had barely been used, I wish I had shopped second hand for my stuff”.

5. Clothing

Average Monthly Cost: $20 – $50

“There was quite a few occasions in which I bought cute outfits at expensive stores, sometimes spending over forty dollars an outfit only to find out that after a few weeks baby no longer fits in it” said one frustrated mother.

How Can You Save?

  • For the most part thanks to gifts you generally have enough clothing for the first month of your child’s life but once the month is out ask your friends or relatives for any hand me downs they may have.
    You would be surprised how many barely used items can be found at thrift shops, garage sales, consignment stores and community web pages.
  • Look for deals online.
  • Take advantage of store sales.

If your child’s clothes become stained do not toss them, help them last longer by treating them with laundry boosters and stain removers.

6. Food

Average Monthly Cost: $50 – $100

One mom said: “Baby food can be outrageously expensive, at one point I realized that my baby girl was eating, at least, five jars of organic baby food, each jar cost close to a dollar”.

How Can You Save?

  • If at all possible why not make your own baby food? Many times this can be made from food the family has eaten and you would be surprised to know that most babies prefer homemade food over jarred baby food. On this subject on mother pointed out the following; “If you purchase a high-quality hand blender you will find that in under a month it will have payed for itself.”

Clip coupons, one mom said: “I probably should make my own baby food but I am the mother of three and do not always have time, buying jars is so tempting, speed and portability are worth something to me”. If you feel the same clip away.


7. Books, Toys and DVDs

Average Monthly Cost: $20 – $40

One mom had a very important point to make on this subject, “There are toys that are priceless but knowing the ones your baby will be fond of is hard to predict.” Another mom said: “I bought my baby over twenty some odd toys and she only really liked three of them”.

How Can You Save?

  • Many safe household items make great baby toys, on mom said: “My baby was quite fond of the whisk”.
  • Buy second-hand toys which you can then thoroughly wash and disinfect before giving to baby.
  • Borrow library books.
  • Ask friends and family for any hand me downs they may have.
  • If you have neighbors friends and or relatives with wee ones around the age of yours, then set up a toy exchange.

Hopefully, with the tips above you can save more for your child care needs. Remember, using second-hand items and buy at garage sale doesn’t mean you can’t afford to buy a new one. You’re just being efficient!


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